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Xmg  is a unit of measure for how much nicotine is in a cartridge. The amount of nicotine in milligrams, for each millilitre of E-Liquid, expressed as mg/ml. Some companies choose to display this as a percent per solution, which is where you'll see 1.2% instead of 12mg/ml. This means the same thing, just shown in a different way.

The nicotine level listed for e-liquid is the number of milligrams of nicotine per milliliter in the E-Liquid.
That means a 10ml bottle of 24mg nicotine e-liquid would have 240mg of nicotine in it . Just like a 30ml bottle of 24mg e-liquid would have 720mg of nicotine in it.


Different Levels of Nicotine

  • 0mg/mL Nicotine This means that there is no nicotine in your E-Liquid mixture.
    Zero nicotine levels are usually ordered by people who have quit smoking but still have an the urge to enjoy a vape.
  • 3mg/mL Nicotine This level of nicotine is the lightest nicotine level .
    For people who wish to enjoy the smallest possible nicotine level while still enjoying a full e-juice taste.
  • 6mg/mL Nicotine This level of nicotine is still light.This level is comfortable for people who used to light cigarettes and wish to enjoy a full e-liquid taste.
  • 12mg/mL Nicotine is a comfortable level for people who prefer nicotine, but aren't heavy vapors.
    This level is also common for people who used to smoke light cigarettes.
  • 18mg/ml Nicotine This is the middle  of nicotine.
    Most vapers who were former smokers enjoy this level because it delivers the perfect amount of nicotine in each vape.
  • 24mg/ml Nicotine This is on the high side of nicotine levels and is commonly preferred by people who were formally heavy smokers .
  • 36mg/ml Nicotine This is the highest concentration of nicotine.
    People who prefer this level are usually former smokers with a serious addiction, usually meaning more than two packs or more per day.