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A wick is an absorbent material that is used in many different styles of atomizers. A type of poly or silica string or number of strings is often used for the wicking. (Wicking) also refers to the act of directing the e-liquid from the container to the heating element.



How to remove a wick

  • First of all, unscrew that atty from the battery.
  • Make sure you have a good source of overhead light.
  • Look inside the atty and you’ll see what looks like a piece of string going underneath the steel-wool looking object
  • Take your tweezers and hook the looped side of the wick, gently pulling it out from under the atomizer. You’ll notice it is attached on one side down below.
  • Since you pulled them out from under the atty, all you need to do is grab them with your tweezers and pull them out from the atty. Don’t yank too hard.
  • Make sure you got all the little pieces of string out of there.
  • Give the atty a good rinse under warm water and dry it out.