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Vapor Shop Business Boom Across North Alabama

In the article posted on AL and written by Lucy Berry, talks about how fast the electronic cigarette industry is taking over Alabama. Not only do e-cigarettes help smokers quit they also help the economy. Electronic cigarette sales more than doubled last year.


Lucy Berry

About a year ago, Bentley discovered e-cigarettes, which are battery-powered devices that release vapor to simulate real smoking. Bentley, a 30-year smoker, dabbled with disposable e-cigarettes for about a week, but it wasn't until he upgraded to a product with a tank system a couple of months later that he kicked the habit for good.

"I quit the day I got it and I haven't smoked since," said Bentley, exhaling vaporized, nicotine-infused juice from his e-cigarette this week. "I tried to quit with the patch, gum, cold turkey. None of it ever worked, but this worked the first time."

Bentley's personal success with e-cigarettes motivated him to open Twickenham Vapor, one of several new vapor stores to pop up because of explosive growth in e-cigarette use across Alabama and the U.S. More than 30 e-cigarette shops are currently operating throughout the state, according to