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Texas has Banned Sale of E-Cigarettes

In the article posted on CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association), talks about 
Texas banning all sales of  electronic cigarettes.

 Read this article and help Texas get their right to vape back.


April 17, 2014

The City of Watauga, Texas has banned sale of e-cigarettes, preferring for the residents of Watauga to have access only to traditional combustible cigarettes, which are estimated to be 99% more hazardous than e-cigarettes.  The City has made provision for local businesses currently selling e-cigarettes to apply for a two-year variance, which basically gives the City two years to close down all e-cigarette sales if it is so inclined.  In the meanwhile, sale of traditional combustible cigarettes remains completely legal.

The ordinance has passed, but CASAA is asking its members, particularly those in Texas, to contact the City Council to let them know how damaging this ordinance is, not only to the rights of adult vapers in Watauga, but also to the interests of public health, and ask that the City Council immediately rescind it.