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Long Beach Electronic Cigarette & E-Juice Vape Store


Our primary goal is to provide quality electronic cigarette products to help individuals live healthier lives. By offering a superior e-cigarette technology, wide variety of great flavors and e-cigarette accessories, our products are putting the pleasure back in smoking.

We are so pleased when we hear feedback directly from our customers. We feel that it is what our customers have to say about us that matters the most.

Crystal I. Long Beach, CA

First time coming here today. I have been creeping along the website for a week or so and decided that a good gift for my two weeks cigarette free anniversary would be a new vaporizer, a switch from the first one I bought that was dragged to hell and back within those first two, very tough weeks. I walked in and was greeted, the store was clean and well stocked, and they even had the particular items I was scoping out via the website. The clerk suggested a liquid I've never heard of before, and it was awesome, so I got a bottle of that too. I like this joint. I'll definitely come back for my cigarette- less needs!


Dan R. Long Beach, CA

By far the BEST Vape shop you'll find in Long Beach. No other shop has as experienced employees as E Cig City!


Kevin T. Los Angeles, CA

Great local vape shop! Prices are the lowest I have found in the area, and the selection of juices is pretty good. They have a selection of 100% VG which is what I have been looking for from a B&M for awhile now. Clean store, and friendly service make this a new favorite place to visit!


Tanya P. Lakewood, CA

This place is amazing & the guys are too! I've gotten all my stuff there except for the juices. Tried unicorn milk & mac sauce vanilla a few weeks ago & I was sold. Not returning to my old spot any more.


Jonathan Y. Redlands, CA

Holy crap. This place is amazing. I walked in there knowing dang near nothing, and Mike took care of me without making me feel like I was the biggest dumbass on the planet. Instead, I walked out of there a completely satisfied customer.


Harry H. Long Beach

Bomb! Great selection of starter gear! A def for a newbie in the game! I came in on a whim and was pleasantly surprised by the customer service. I will send all my friends down here from now on.


Alexander S. Long Beach

Caution... You may have just found your permanent local vape shop! These guys have it all. If you are curious, an amateur or experienced they got you covered.
I just got my first mod an hour ago, turtle ship with all the trimmings! The staff was able to juggle every customer that came in (nice steady stream) while still answering all my million questions.
Thank you so much for hooking me up with amazing service, a quality product and keeping it right in budget.
Great selection of juice, needs a peanut butter flavor though ;)
All in all a very enthusiastic 5 stars. Thank you!!


Aimee B. Long Beach

I've been here three times in 48 hours, for good reasons and semi-bad that wound up being good in the end.

I first dropped by when my boyfriend wanted to get a new e-cig to quit smoking. No big deal. I've always liked e-cigs, but never really wanted to get into them because everyone I know has nicotine in their juice. However, this store had a good (not overwhelming) selection and the guy helping us was super chill and knowledgeable; I got an itch to buy a little recreational e-cig of my own just hearing about all the customization and juice options. I wanted to give it a few days or weeks before dropping money in E-Cig City. I lasted about four hours.

I came back later in the afternoon, and let him guide me through my options. It was a pretty quick process, he knew his stuff, and helped me figure out what I wanted out of an e-cig. I wound up with an eGo-T battery and ProTank II tank. For the juices, he asked me what flavors I took to normally, then like a magician, nailed two juices I *loved* on the first try. I was sold. He even offered to help me put it together in the store before I headed out, but I wanted to do it myself to learn more about my new toy hands on.

I got home, put it together, went to take a drag - nothing. My boyfriend helped me troubleshoot what the problem was, and we finally figured out the intake holes on the tank were drilled poorly. I called up E-Cig City shortly after we figured this out just to make sure I could drop by to have them take a look, and they said of course!

Fast forward to about an hour ago, I swung by after work and the same guys were there. He played with the tank, tested it on different batteries and without the extensions, and it was clearly a manufacturing error. He apologized profusely, and exchanged it for a better working (and, honestly, better looking) tank on the spot - the ProTank II mini.

What could've been a frustrating or disappointing experience really just cemented how awesome this E-Cig Shop is. They may not have the most robust selection around, but they know their stuff and they want you to leave a happy customer. I know I did! :)


Christopher R. Long Beach, CA

A great shop with real employees with great flavors. the people here won't be su and not to mention everything they have is official kanger in better. you can't go wrong going here first time or a pro vapor come here.


Joseph P. Long Beach, CA

I live down the block and I am glad they opened. I bought a Vamo 2 from Ebay and it wasn't working right. I went down to the shop and asked if they could take a look at it. They figured out the problem and its now fixed. Thanks guys!!! Also, their juices are less expensive. Granted, they don't mis their own, but its still much less expensive. I now have a new spot for my vape.


Jasmine J. Orange, CA

This place is pretty awesome. I live right around the corner and was riding bikes with my boyfriend and dog discussing getting both our parents e-cigs as both of them expressed interest in quitting and we decided to pop in here. First off, we were on bikes AND had a dog. I had walked in while my boyfriend waited outside minding the bikes and our boy, but they not only encouraged we come in with our pitbull but they also let us bring our bikes inside while we browsed. MAJOR POINTS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ON THAT- it was somewhat empty and our dog is very well behaved and keeps to himself so we didn't bother any of the customers already in there.

And that doesn't even touch the level of expertise and patience they had as they explained each device to us, how it worked, and the prices of each and would what match best with our smoker parents. I had gotten my first vape about 3 weeks before but as a gift so I was educating myself as well since I only knew how to smoke out if it at that point- at the end of the visit we realized we didn't have cash so we promised to come back.

Even better! Since we already knew what products we wanted, we then got phased into the juice portion and ended up getting juices for our parents and I even got one for myself! They let you try as many as you want, and put a little plastic piece that they unwrap in front of you on the mouthpiece so it's pretty sanitary. They also are very knowledgeable and descriptions of what they would taste like were pretty accurate.

I will be going to them from now on for my vaping needs!


Megan Miner Long Beach, CA

My father-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer over the weekend and needed a way to get nicotine without smoking a conventional cigarette. I didn’t know anything about e-cigarettes, so I called Mike from E-Cig City and not only did he get together a package with everything my father in law needs, but he did immediately, and he also gave me instructions on how to use it. With all the stress that we have been feeling trying to figure things out, this is one thing that was quickly taken off of our shoulders. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Rene F. Long Beach, CA

This is the best e cig shop around. The prices are great and the staff is top notch. Mike and his crew have put together a pretty cool place. Stop in and check them out, you wont be disappointed.


Simple M. Irvine, CA

First let me say walking into the store I felt at home. It's so huge, super clean and has dope art work on the walls.The people greeted me and were very friendly. I got to try as many juices as I wanted, ended up buying 3 and a Vape. I will definitely be coming back to the store and bringing as many people as I can...