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Long Beach Electronic Cigarette & E-Juice Vape Store

Cafe Latte E-Liquid

Cafe Latte E-Liquid by The Vial is a creamy french vanilla coffee blend with a hint of hazelnut and delicious toppings!

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Luquillo Breeze E-Liquid

Luquillo Breeze E-Liquid is a tasty coconut and mixed fruit blend. This juice has been crafted to remind you of that staple tropical...

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Sweet Fragaria Pasteque E-Liquid

Sweet Fragaria Pasteque E-Liquid created by The Vial carries a refreshing watermelon blend with a hint of juicy strawberries.

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Plantains de Flambe E-Liquid

Plantains de Flambe e-liquid is a delicious and savory dessert blend of sweet bananas drizzled with warm caramelized brown sugar,...

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