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Long Beach Electronic Cigarette & E-Juice Vape Store

Kotton Berry E-Liquid

Kotton Berry E-Liquid by Puff King is a delicious e-liquid with a hint of Fairy Floss flavoring.

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Walking Down The Mall

Walking Down The Mall E-Liquid by Puff King is a tasty cinnamon vaporizer e-juice. Made in USA.

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Vanilla Shake E-Liquid

Vanilla Shake E-Liquid is a direct attack your sweet tooth cravings. Need a late night drink? Puff on Vanilla Shake vaporizer e liquid...

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2 Berries 1 Bottle E-Liquid

2 Berries 1 Bottle E-Liquid is a hint of blueberry and a swirl of raspberry. These fruits combined become a perfect sensation to smoke in...

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Bruce Wayne E-Liquid

Bruce Wayne E-Liquid from Puff King is a delicious e-liquid.  It is crafetd with a delicate touch of peach vaporizer flavor.  Defeat the...

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