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Mentally Ill People And E-Cigarettes

Substance posted this article written by Helen Redmond is talking about electronic cigarettes mental health healing ability. They can help patients in mental hospitals. E-cigarettes doesn't only help with an nicotine addiction, but with depression, anxiety, and other negative symptoms of mental illnesses.



Helen Redmond

That almost 90% of people diagnosed with schizophrenia smoke—despite  tobacco’s well-known adverse health consequences—is a testament to the addictiveness of nicotine. But it is also evidence of nicotine’s power to chemically quell anxiety, depression and other upset. (The prevalence of smoking among people with bipolar and panic disorder, depression, anxiety and PTSD is also high.)

Hospital staff have long observed how smoking markedly improves the negative symptoms of mental illness, such as lack of motivation and pleasure, reduced emotional expression and deficits in attention and concentration.

“Whenever he runs out of cigarettes, he becomes highly agitated to the point where he has seriously injured staff and other patients. Providing a cigarette is generally much more effective at decreasing agitation than most medications I can provide,” Elizabeth Roberson, then a psychiatrist at Hawaii State Hospital, wrote to R.J. Reynolds in 2000, asking for free cigarettes for one of her patients.