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Joyetech eVic Mod

Joyetech eVic, is the first Vapor Intelligent Cigarette, the variable voltage electronic cigarette that can record and manage your vaping history. eVic can connect with your computer to show you smoking information clearly.

It gives you the ability to set the number of inhalations, voltage, displays battery charge and more. Users can conveniently manage the functions on their computer with MVR 1.0 management software.

Joyetech eVic Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 × eVic control head
  • 1 × eVic battery tube
  • 1 × rechargeable 2600MAH battery
  • 1 × eVic USB cable
  • 1 × eVic wall adaptor
  • 1 × eVic manual
  • 1 × MVR manual

E-Liquid not included

Joyetech eVic components


Each Joyetech eVic contains the control head, the battery tube, and the rechargeable battery. In addition, the extra large capacity gives you the perfect vapor all day long.

eVic Visual Operating System


The visual operating system controls the puff number, current battery output voltage, the percentage of battery remaining power, the temperature and other parameters.

Joyetech eVic battery


Joyetech eVic uses Samsung 18650 battery, 2600mAh high-safety, extra large capacity, and high-stability dedicated lithium battery.
Never stack two batteries or use batteries that are not allowed for use in the eVic.

eVic Properties

You can operate eVic by rotating direction key and clicking enter button.


eVic properties: visual operating system, device temperature monitoring, output short circuit protection, output open circuit protection, overtime working protection, low voltage protection

How to remove the cartomizer from Joyetech eVic

First, remove the metal ring from the Joyetech eVic mod.

Second, hold the bottom of the clear cartomizer when you separate it from battery MOD. Do not screw the cartomizer from the top or middle of the cartomizer, just in case the e-liquid pour out.

eVic control head is the brain of the eVic cigarette

eVic8It can be operated through the dedicated system, eVic program. With high safety and stability, eVic control head brings the strong reliability to users.

Set Puff


You can set the number to limit your puffs. When setting "0000", it means that puff number is unlimited.

Reset Puff


You can reset puffs by clicking the button to the third menu to show "000".

Total Puffs


To see the total number of puffs, select "Total Puffs" and click the enter button.

Show Temperature


Select "Temp ℃" and click the enter button to show the current temperature of device. When the eVic temperature reaches 35 ℃, the thermometer sign will appear and flash on screen; it shows the device is overheating, then continue to vapor after disappearing of thermometer sign.

eVic Version


Select "Version" and click enter button to show software version for this device.

Joyetech eVic is managed by a special software called My Vapor Record MVR . It has professional data statistics function which can record your vapor information from the day you started use it. MVR shows all the parameters, such as voltage, atomizer resistance, smoking puffs, power, etc. During your random smoking, it records all your using data and habit, bringing you brand-new feelings and joys in your spare time.





Joyetech eVic Video

The eVic features a new display system which makes changing settings easily. It gives you the ability to set the number of inhalations, voltage, displays battery charge and more. Users can conveniently manage the functions on their computer with MVR management software.