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Boge F16/F17 Replacement Cartomizer

This is a 1.6 -2.2ohm single coil, Boge F16 or F17 replacement cartomizer.

The Boge replacement cartomizers have 2 laser punched hole and intended for use with the F16 or F17 Boge Tank.

Compatible with SMOK DCTank, SMOK U-DCT, SMOK ProDCTank and SMOK Glass DCTank.

For Best Results

Use with a Boge 16/17 drip tip. Because Boge F16 cartomizers have a slightly narrower tube diameter than other Boge cartomizers, this results in a poor fit with non-Boge drip tips.
  • Single coil
  • Flanged
  • Prepunched with two holes - must be used with a compatible tube tank


  • Length (without threads): 1.77 in (45mm)
  • Length (with threads): 1.97 in (50mm)
  • Diameter : 0.36 in (9.18mm)
  • Resistance: (SR): 2.7-3.1ohm +/-0.2; (LR): 2.0-2.4ohm +/-0.2
  • Thread: 510