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Authorize The Sale Of E-cigarettes

Montrealgazette posted an article written by Gaston Ostiguy, that is talking about Canadian doctors, professors and health advocates are wanting the federal government to allow the sale of electronic cigarettes.

Read this article and see what do the professionals have to say about electronic cigarettes.


Gaston Ostiguy

I am writing on behalf of a group of doctors, professors and health advocates to say that we believe the time has come for the federal government to authorize the sale in Canada of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine.

These devices, which basically heat a propylene glycol or glycerine solution containing nicotine, offer a safer and more acceptable alternative for smokers to appease their addiction, compared to regular cigarettes.

No doubt, tremendous strides have been made over the years to impose a strict regulatory framework on regular cigarettes. More, though, obviously can be done. Unfortunately, it is wishful thinking that one day we will completely eradicate nicotine use. The vast majority of smokers want to quit. Unfortunately, only 10 per cent of them, when surveyed, are still abstinent after trying to quit in the past year.