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Anti-Smoking Groups Vs E-Cigarettes ban in Florida

The article posted by Miami Herald says that the bill aiming to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors has attracted some unlikely opponents: the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association and the American Heart Association.  They became insulted when state lawmakers added language that would go further, stripping local governments’ ability to regulate the sale of e-cigarettes and tobacco products, says Kathleen McGrory, the reporter of Miami Herald.


April 07, 2014

 TALLAHASSEE . Local governments and health groups are fighting a bill that they say would end local regulation of tobacco sales.

“This bill is another attempt by Big Tobacco to weaken protections we all seek to keep electronic smoking devices and tobacco out of the hands of our kids,” said Brenda Olsen, the chief operating officer for the American Lung Association in Florida.

Earlier this year, the state Senate passed a bill (SB 224) prohibiting e-cigarettes from being sold to minors without restricting the power of local governments.

The House version (HB 169) did not include the language taking away local governments’ rights to regulate the sale of e-cigarettes and tobacco products when it was first filed in October. That provision was added during a committee hearing last month.